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Back in Black [19 Mar 2007|07:02pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So. I haven't updated a long time and I can say I'm not glad that I haven't. This semester has become increasingly more difficult to manage. I'm tired of feeling miserable and I'm tired of second-guessing my life goals and passions. And then, in an instant, I can't help but feel completely numbed by this self-induced agony that I can't help but not care. So I don't. Which brings me back to writing in this journal. Since I'm on the verge of quitting at life altogether, but because I must indeed care about my future, I've decided to use this venue as the outlet it truly is.  And I guess it works because I feel a little better already. Sort of.

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[16 Dec 2005|05:35pm]
[ mood | pleased ]


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[06 Dec 2005|03:39pm]
Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

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[04 Dec 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Fall Finals can suck it.

I've become increasingly more busy as the day has gone by and yet I feel that I am in the same place I was when I started...ok, I'm worse because I haven't even begun to absorb anything that will prove meaningful! At least I know what's going happening on America's Next Top Model thanks to VH1.


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[04 Nov 2005|05:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

>>>>> Italian movies, Winter Park, and Stardust tonight! <<<<<<

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UpUpUpdate [19 Sep 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | calm ]

I haven't written in this very often mainly because...well, actually, I don't really have a reason I suppose! Schools been blah, I'm starvin like Marvin, flat broke and sleepy-- the common state of the collegiate kind! This weekend with Jack was very awesome: first, art lookin' at the Museum, then lunch at the Cheesecake factory, followed by lemon sorbet on Park Avenue and a long nap to rest. The rest of the night was claimed by an America's Next Top Model marathon! Love Love Love him!


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Home [29 Jul 2005|08:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So I just finished my final paper for Humanities. On a friday night. If I try not to think about how much fun my friends are probably having right now I can usually make it through alright. Waking up at 6am on the WEEKENDS is a bit of a bummer, but luckily, work always seems to go super fast! What can I say? I need the money. Especially since I just bought THIS today! I'm pretty much broker than broke but at least I have one...now all I have to do is figure out how to turn this damn thing on!!!

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[27 Jul 2005|08:51pm]
the Cutting Edge
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[22 Jul 2005|05:30pm]
I've got a secret!
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[19 Jul 2005|07:16pm]
what's there to be afraid of? everything.
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All is well that ends well... [13 Jul 2005|08:41pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

So things are much better now after the craziness of the last few days. I learned two things:

1. Forgiveness is for the lucky
2. I should watch my mouth more than I watch the clock...

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Truth and Tragedy [11 Jul 2005|05:55pm]
[ mood | worried ]

It seems that everyday that I am with Jack the more that I learn about my self. He extinguishes most of my unpleasant feisty flame and humbles me, making me more understanding and caring to others' and their needs. I've learned to laugh a lot off and to pursue other issues--sensibly, of course! But, why haven't I learned when to keep my stupid, loquacious mouth shut?

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[29 Jun 2005|12:47pm]
So. I'm in class and I'm on-line at the same time! So excited about it right now!! Anyway, I guess I'll update more later. Gilgamesh...
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I'll tell you the truth [24 May 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I didn't really care for today. Actually, I'll retract that: today wasn't so bad. It's the right now that's totally boring me out. Oh, and I forgot that I didn't write about the NY Trip (sorry). To sum it up, it was pretty alright.

Now, back to the current times (ahem): I did a lot of cleaning with hopes of a romantic evening in the near future but as of right now I don't feel so romantic. I'm sharing my room with Christine, who by the way is no hassle, but I really could use a night to myself. Gah. I can't just kick her out, but a evening alone in my bed would do me some good! Also, I've gotta stop sleeping so late because it's killing my CHI.

I'm very bored :(

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[14 May 2005|01:34am]
Tomorrow (more accurately today)I will be taking the my biggest vacation yet; don't worry, I promise to not freak out too badly! 'Zee big apple, here I come!
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[10 May 2005|11:24am]
I just had another panic attack!

So, I talked to Sean and he wants me to plan a curriculum for his son! Me, the girl who thought Australia was considered a part of Europe (apparently, it's an island and it's own continent)! I'm sorry, but the idea of taking part in molding this child's mind freaks me out! Really, I must be reading too much into this, right? Also, to top, at the end of the month he's talking about a (tentatively planned) show with Dawn!!!
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[02 May 2005|03:27pm]
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am absolutely elated with how things have been going.

<3 <3 <3
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Just found out that [02 May 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

I got a 98% on the Anthro final.

I aced that piece.

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Haterz (HAHA!) [28 Apr 2005|12:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I love when people talk about me!

**Names/screenames Have been Changed to protect the innocent (namely, me!)

XXXX: so i have to ask...are you and **J.M.C. back together again?? you guys are like ross and rachael from friends, lol

warpedpunkGrl182: hahah!!!! that analogy is halarious!

warpedpunkGrl182: we're just friends

XXXX: ohhh ok...cuz at my party...haha

warpedpunkGrl182: what were we doing? isn't that a shame that I have to ask??? Ha! Were we dancing really silly?

XXXX: yeah and stef said she saw you guys making out, haha...so she wondering if you guys were back together (gossiping is fun! hehe)

XXXX: the day after the party, she was like, did you see brittany and ***J.M.C. dancing all dirty, hehehe

warpedpunkGrl182: she probably did see us cause I believe we were very silly that night!

warpedpunkGrl182: sheesh! I'm embarassed

XXXX: lol...i think someone said you guys were making out on my bed, haha

warpedpunkGrl182: just for a second we were but we gained control while in our drunken stupor!

warpedpunkGrl182: I apologize if that was bad!!

warpedpunkGrl182: no more of that! least there's no pictures!

XXXX: lol well...i have a secret video camera in my room...

XXXX: haha kidding

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So I just realized [25 Apr 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | busy ]

That even though I try and try to stand her, I might have to strangle Fran. Or atleast make her buy me some Motrin when we see eachother because she talks my freaking ears off! Ugh. Huge headache. Well, off to study.

And when I asked for a separate room
It was late at night
And we'd been driving since noon
But if I'd known
How that would sound to you
I would have stayed in your bed
For the rest of my life
Just to prove I was right
That it's harder to be friends than lovers
And you shouldn't try to mix the two
Cause if you do it and you're still unhappy
Then you know that the problem is you

And it's true that I stole your lighter
And it's also true that I lost the map
But when you said that I wasn't worth talking to
I had to take your word on that
But if you'd known
How that would sound to me
You would have taken it back
And boxed it up and buried it in the ground
Boxed it up and buried it in the ground
Boxed it up and buried it in the ground
Burned it up and thrown it away

You put in my hands a loaded gun
And then told me not to fire it
When you did the things you said were up to me
And then accused me of trying to fuck it up
But you've never been a waste of my time
It's never been a drag
So take a deep breath and count back from ten
And maybe you'll be alright

And the license said
You had to stick around until I was dead
But if you're tired of looking at my face I guess I already am
But you've never been a waste of my time
It's never been a drag
So take a deep breath and count back from ten
And maybe you'll be alright

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